Inviguri Roller Yoga Wheels + Cork Trigger Point Ball (3 Piece Set) for Back & Neck Pain Relief. Medium to Deep Pressure Wheel with Spinal Groove



The Right Intensity for Your Level - Whether you are a newbie to stretching or a yoga master, our back roller wheel and trigger point ball (Set of 3) has the right size for you! Each size caters to your training needs, offering different levels of firmness and pressure. Eases Neck and Back Pain - Relax and release tension in your back and neck. Our back stretching wheel releases muscle strain by realigning the natural curvature of your spine. It features a spinal groove technology for less spinal pressure and for moderate to intense pressure on the erector muscles. Enhances Strength and Flexibility - Meet your new fitness partner in our multipurpose yoga exercise wheel! Explore different kinds of yoga poses and workout routines. Our backroller builds your mobility, flexibility, and core strength as it works every part of your body. Use the trigger point massager either against the wall or on the ground to release tension. Sturdy and Reliable - Trust this yoga cork wheel set to give you efficient support and balance as it rolls your aches away. Our durable extra-wide 10 and 6-inch back roller wheel doesn't flex or bend under pressure, enduring 500 pounds and 800 pounds, respectively. The cork ball is very study, but lightweight. Sustainably Made Yoga Wheels - Our yoga arch wheel is made entirely of natural cork derived from a still-standing cork oak tree planted 25 years ago. With a plastic-free and moisture-wicking design, this roller back wheel leaves no traces of odor or sweat.


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